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England 1604: Two men, once friends, have long since gone their separate ways. But when the new King James commands a fresh translation of the Bible, their paths are fated to cross again.

Ben Kemp has recently returned from Aleppo, where he has spent seven years in exile since his release from prison. Seeking only to be left alone to worship as he wishes, he joins a small community of puritans who have so far escaped persecution. But the new king has stepped up the hunt for dissenters, and the net draws ever closer.

Then his old friend Richard Clarke is offered a part in the new translation, and it seems Richard has finally been forgiven for his friendship with Ben. But Richard soon discovers there is a price to pay for his new-found favour, and that price is betrayal. Caught between love for his friend and his faith in his Church, scholar Richard Clarke is faced with a decision that could cost him his soul.

Release Date 20 November 2018

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